Public Information

The public information office is responsible for, among other things, publishing the annual report and administering the departments social media pages. In addition, the deputy assigned to this office must keep track of daily statistics pertinent to the sheriff's office and oversee such activities as the neighborhood watch program, the junior deputy program and the sheriff's academy for youth.

The deputy assigned to this office is also responsible for contacts with the media in the form of press releases and interviews. Since the media is often able to help the sheriff's office in the identification or apprehension of suspects, the Sheriff believes that his deputies should work closely with the media and accommodate their needs when possible. The media also plays a major role by informing the public of any changes in the law or programs offered by the Troup County Sheriff's Office.

The crime prevention and public information deputy also speaks to church, school and civic groups about various law enforcement subjects. Members of the community are encouraged to call with any questions concerning crime prevention.

McGruff, the crime dog, is assigned to work with the crime prevention office and help.....take a bite out of crime.