The Patrol Division is responsible for daily law enforcement tasks throughout the county, specifically in the unincorporated areas but often within the city limits of the three cities. Deputies in the Patrol Division answer calls ranging from domestic violence, thefts, criminal trespass and other calls involving citizens. Deputies also patrol roads throughout the county and issue citations for traffic offenses such as speeding, driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Troup County is divided into four nearly equal zones for patrol. A deputy is responsible for all residents, businesses and roads within his area while on duty and is required to make personal contact with residents whenever possible.

Deputies from the Patrol Division provide residential checks for homeowners while they are on vacation. A 'security check' can be requested by calling 706-883-1616 and providing operators with information about your home, your travel plans and when you will return. A deputy will then check on your home at least once each day while you are on vacation to make sure there are no problems.

In the past year, deputies from the Patrol Division answered more than 30,000 calls for service and traveled over half a million miles protecting the citizens of Troup County.

Lake Patrol

Two deputies are assigned the duty of patrolling the parks and shore areas around West Point Lake on a seasonal basis. This task is paid for through a grant from the federal government.

During the spring, summer and fall of the year, these deputies patrol the land areas around the twenty-five thousand acre lake and make criminal cases for such offenses as DUI, BUI, drug possession, open containers and even littering. Lake Patrol Deputies also conduct a number of road and water safety checks to ensure the well being of all visitors to the parks.