The Jail Division is under the direction of the Jail Administrator and the main function of the jail is to house inmates by providing a safe and healthy environment as they wait for their cases to be heard in court. The Jail not only houses inmates awaiting State or Superior court but also houses for all three municipalities in Troup County. The Jail Division must ensure the protection of the county’s citizen by preventing escapes and the introduction of contraband into the facility.

The Troup County Jail operates 24 hours a day; seven days a week and is staffed by 58 Jail Officers. Each Shift is supervised by a Sergeant who is in charge of the jail operations on a daily basis. Located within the Jail are four areas that benefit the inmates. Meal services, Medical, Dental, and Commissary. Each Year over 3000 inmates are processed through the Jail Division which has an average daily population of 380 inmates.

Visitation of Inmates

Visitation for inmates at the Troup County Jail are conducted by live video utilizing Securus Technologies.

All visitors must be preapproved for each inmate they wish to see.

All visits must be made in advance, we do not have same-day or walk-in visits.

There are two ways to visit:

  • Onsite Visit in the Visitation Center Monday through Friday during a premade appointment. Onsite visits are 20 minutes in length. The Visitation Center is open M-F from 9am to 7pm. This is a free service to the public.
  • Remote Visit from your home, office, or other location using a compatible PC, laptop, or mobile device. The system supports Apple and Android mobile devices. These visits may be conducted 7 days a week up until 9:40pm. Remote visits start at $7.99.

Please follow the provided link , SecurusTech.net.

We do not accept telephone appointments. All visits must be made in person or at SecurusTech.net.